Copy the following BibTeX for the article entitled Anti fuzzy B-subalgebras under S-norms.



title = {Anti fuzzy B-subalgebras under S-norms},

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url = { 1/1-8-AntiFuzzyBsubalgebrasunderSnorms.pdf},

author = {Rasul Rasuli},

keywords = {Algebra and orders, theory of fuzzy sets, norms, sums and unions, homomorphisms.},

abstract = {In this paper, we apply the concept of s-norm S to fuzzy structure of B-algebras. The notion of an anti fuzzy B-subalgebra and an anti fuzzy normal B-subalgebra with respect to s-norm are introduced and several related properties are investigated. The union and direct sum of them are defined and investigated. Finally, by using B-homomorphisms of B-algebras, characterizations of them are given.}