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CCCS is an international research journal devoted to publishing significant articles in all areas and sub-areas of Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science and their applications. Submitted papers must be correct, original, nontrivial, and well-written. Poorly written manuscripts will be automatically dismissed at the discretion of the editor-in-chief. All manuscripts are refereed under the same standards as those of the finest-quality printed mathematical journals.

Ghaem Technology Institute of Higher Education is the publisher of these scientific journals.

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You can email info@sgh.ac.ir if you have any questions. Also, the journal email is CCCS@sgh.ac.ir


CCCS is open access journal. ISRP acquires first-time, non-exclusive, worldwide publication rights. Offering academic researchers an open-access venue for publishing their work allows them to increase citations and establish their academic reputation in an increasingly competitive publishing environment.


ISRP follows a stringent peer review policy. Each article is first evaluated by the editor-in-chief for the originality and scientific rigor of its research. If it passes this first test, the editor-in-chief assigns at least two peer reviewers to determine whether it meets the rigorous scientific standards, whether it requires revisions, or it should be rejected. Only original material that meets ISRP editorial standards will be published.


By submitting the manuscript, the authors warrant that the entire work is original and unpublished; it is submitted only to this journal, and all text, data, figures/tables, or other illustrations included in the research article are completely original unpublished. The paper has not been previously published or submitted elsewhere in any form or media whatsoever. All authors are responsible for the complete contents of their manuscripts. The author(s) warrant that the work contains no unlawful or libelous statements and opinions and liable materials of any kind whatsoever, do not infringe on any copyrights, intellectual property rights, personal rights or rights of any kind of others, and does not contain any plagiarized, fraudulent, improperly attributed materials, instructions, procedures, information or ideas that might cause any harm, damage, injury, losses or costs of any kind to person or property. Each author(s) agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ISRP and the Editors for any breach of such warranties. The author is responsible for obtaining written copyright permissions from other sources (publishers) for the reproduction of any figures, tables, photos, illustrations, text, or other copyright materials from previously published work. It is the policy of ISRP to own the copyright of all contributions it publishes. To comply with the U.S. Copyright Law, a Copyright Transfer Form that transfers the article's copyright to the publisher must be completed by the authors before the publication of an accepted paper in this journal. Authors must submit a signed copy of the Copyright Transfer Agreement with their manuscripts.


Authors cannot submit a manuscript for publication to other journals simultaneously. It wastes valuable resources because editors and referees spend much time processing submitted manuscripts. It is also unethical to republish similar research articles (text/figures/tables) again because journals have limited page space. It most likely violates copyrights that have already been transferred to the first journal. Therefore, all journals require a signed author's copyright transfer agreement stating the originality of the research work submitted through a manuscript. As stated above, authors should submit original, new, and unpublished research work to the journal. Ethical issues such as plagiarism, fraudulent and duplicate publication, violation of copyrights, authorship, and conflict of interest are serious issues concerning moral integrity when submitting a manuscript to a journal for publication.