Copy the following BibTeX for the article entitled The generalized Randiˆc Index of Graph.



title = {The generalized Randiˆc Index of Graph},

journal = {Communications in Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science},

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issue = {1},

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year = {2023},

url = { 1/1-7-ThegeneralizedRandicIndexofGraph.pdf},

author = {Hossein Teimoori Faal},

keywords = {The value of an edge, The value of a clique, The clique handshaking lemma.},

abstract = {In this paper, we first review the weighted-version of the handshaking lemma based on the weighted-version of the incidence matrix of a given graph G. Then, we obtain an extension of the handshaking lemma based on the new concept of the value of a clique in G. We also define a clique version of the Randiĉ index that we will call it the generalized Randiĉ index. More importantly, we obtain a generalization of the well-know upper bound for the Randiĉ index of a graph G due to Fajtlowicz. We finally conclude the paper with some disscussions about possible future works.}