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Pages: 67–83

Article publication Date: November, 1, 2021

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On K-Dprime Divisor Function Graph

John Rafael M. Antalan, Jerwin G. De Leon, Regine P. Dominguez

Department of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science, Central Luzon State University (3120), Science City of Mu˜noz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines


Let p and q be distinct primes. The semiprime divisor function graph denoted by GD(pq), is the graph with vertex set V(GD(pq)) = f1, p, q, pqg and edge set E(GD(pq)) = ff1, pg, f1, qg, f1, pqg, fp, pqg, fq, pqgg. The semiprime divisor function graph is a special type of divisor function graph GD(n) in which n = pq. Recently, the energy and some indices of semiprime divisor function graph have been determined. In this paper, we introduce a natural extension to the semiprime divisor function graph which we call the k-dprime divisor function graph. Moreover, we present results on some distance-based and degree-based topological indices of k-dprime divisor function graph. We end the paper by giving some open problems.


k-dprime divisor function graph, semiprime divisor function graph, divisor function graph, topological indices.

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