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Pages: 60–67

Article publication Date: December 09, 2023

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A Suggestion for Exploring an Interval-Valued Fermatean Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem

Said Broumi(a) and S.Krishna Prabha(b)

(a) Laboratory of Information Processing, Faculty of Science Ben M’Sik, University of Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco Regional Center for the Professions of Education and Training (C.R.M.E.F), Casablanca-Settat, Morocco.

(b) Department of Mathematics PSNA College of Engineering and Technology-Dindigul.


Fermatean fuzzy set theory, a state-of-the-art mathematical method, has been developed to address the uncertainty of various real-world scenarios. The Fermatean fuzzy set was created to allow analytical management of uncertain data from common real-world decision-making situations. Due to the inadequate data available, decision-makers find it challenging to define the degree of membership (MG) and non-membership (NG) with sharp values. In these situations, intervals BG and NG are good choices. In this article, we use an interval set of values in the Fermatean fuzzy context to formulate the shortest path problem(SPP). Next, a defuzzification method using score function is proposed. To further illustrate the viability and efficacy of the suggested framework, a mathematical formulation is also presented.


Fermatean fuzzy set, Shortest path problem, Interval value Fermatean fuzzy number, Score function, Intuitionistic fuzzy set, Pythagorean fuzzy set.

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