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Pages: 19–22

Article publication Date: December 03, 2023

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A Characterization of Commutative Rings in which every Semi Co-Hopfian Module is Artinian

Mankagna Albert Diompy(a), Remy Diaga Diouf(b), and Ousseynou Bousso(c)

(a) albertdiompy@yahoo.fr

(b) remydiaga.diouf@ucad.edu.sn

(c) ousseynou1.bousso@ucad.edu.sn


Let R be an associative ring with unit 1 ̸= 0, we call an unital left R-module M semi co-Hopfian (resp semi Hopfian ) if any injective (resp. surjective) endomorphism of M has a direct summand image (resp kernel). Starting from that every artinian module is co-Hopfian and so semi co-Hopfian, we showad in this paper that the class of ring on which every semi co-Hopfian module is artinian coincide with the class of artinian principal ideal rings when the v.p is satisfied. Moreover, some properties of this class of rings are given.


Semi co-Hopfian, Artinian, Vanaja property, SCHA-ring

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  • Mankagna Albert Diompy, Remy Diaga Diouf, and Ousseynou Bousso, A Characterization of Commutative Rings in which every Semi Co-Hopfian Module is Artinian, Communications in Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science, 2024(1), PP.19–22, 2023
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