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Article publication Date: November 28, 2023

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Degree-based Numerical Invariants of Amoxicillin

A. Usha(a), G.S. Pallavi(b), and M.C. Shanmukha©

(a) Department of Mathematics, Alliance School of Applied Mathematics, Bangalore-562106, India.

(b) Department of Mathematics, Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Davanagere-577004, India.

(c) Department of Mathematics, PES Institute of Technology and Management, Shivamogga-577204, India.


Back in the millennia, the open wounds were being treated using traditional poultices of mould bread before the use of antibiotic-producing microbes in Egypt, Greece, and Serbia. In recent times, the usage of antibiotics has considerably reduced the mortality rate in young children and adults. Amoxicillin is one such antibiotic that is useful in treating bacterial infections, mainly in the ear, eye, nose, and urinary tract. It causes side effects such as loose, watery stools. In this work various degree-based and neighborhood degree-based indices are computed for Amoxicillin.


Amoxicillin, bacterial infections, chemical graph theory, topological indices

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  • A. Usha, G.S. Pallavi, and M.C. Shanmukha©, Degree-based Numerical Invariants of Amoxicillin, Communications in Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science, 2024(1), PP.1–8, 2023
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