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Article volume = 2023 and issue = 1

Pages: 5–12

Article publication Date: November 21, 2022

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Combining ECDSA and Image Secret Sharing, Implementing it on the FPGA Board, and Evaluating its Security Against DPA

Massoud Hadian Dehkordi(a), Mona Alizadeh(a), and Javad Fard Bagheri(b)

(a) Iran University of science and Technology, Tehran, Iran.

(b) Payame Noor Mazandaran University, Mazandaran, Iran.


Blockchain has become so important in todays world that it can be used wherever a database or data sharing system was needed, eliminating the need for trust. One of the Blockchain vulnerabilities is caused by weak randomness in ECDSA. A random number is not secure, cryptographically, which leads to leakage in private keys and even the users fund theft. So by combining ECDSA with image secret sharing, we presented an algorithm that has acceptable security against DPA.


Blockchain, Cryptography, ECDSA, ISS, DPA, FPGA.

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  • Massoud Hadian Dehkordi, Mona Alizadeh, and Javad Fard Bagheri, Combining ECDSA and Image Secret Sharing, Implementing it on the FPGA Board, and Evaluating its Security Against DPA, Communications in Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science, 2023(1), PP.5–12, 2022
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