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Pages: 89–91

Article publication Date: November, 1, 2021

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On The Tree-Number of Conjugacy Class Graphs of Some Metacyclic Groups

Zeinab Foruzanfar

Imam Khomeini International University - Buin Zahra Higher Education Center of Engineering and Technology, Qazvin, Iran.


For a finite group G with V(G) as the set of all non-central conjugacy classes of it, the conjugacy class graph 􀀀 (G) is defined as: its vertex set is the set V(G) and two distinct vertices aG and bG are connected with an edge if (o(a), o(b)) > 1. In this paper, we determine the tree-number of the conjugacy class graphs of metacyclic groups of order less than thirty.


Metacyclic group, conjugacy class graph, tree-number.

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