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Article volume = 2021 and issue = 1

Pages: 84–2

Article publication Date: November, 1, 2021

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On The Conjugacy Class Graphs of Some Dicyclic Groups

Zeinab Foruzanfar, Mehdi Rezaei

Imam Khomeini International University - Buin Zahra Higher Education Center of Engineering and Technology, Qazvin, Iran.


Let G be a dicyclic group and 􀀀 (G) be the attached graph related to its conjugacy classes, which is defined as: the vertices of 􀀀 (G) are represented by the non-central conjugacy classes of G and two distinct vertices xG and yG are connected with an edge if (o(x), o(y)) > 1. In this paper, we calculate the clique number and the girth of 􀀀 (G) for dicyclic groups of orders 4p, 8p, 4p2, 4pq and 2m.


Dicyclic group, Conjugacy class, Clique number, Girth.

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